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People knew about breast cancer since ancient times. The oldest description of this illness was found in Egypt and was dated about 1600 BC. Till the 18th century there was no treatment for this horrible disease. Women died in agony. Modern medicine has got many ways for treating it. Also scientists are constantly searching for the best prevention from it. And they have got some encouraging results. Surprisingly they found out something new in already known benefits of coffee and its help in fighting this illness.

According to the results of the recent research upon effects of coffee the intake of five cups of this drink a day is able to protect women from breast cancer. Doctors said that the beautiful half of the mankind may diminish the risk of this kind of cancer using simple benefits from coffee by drinking it some cups a day, controlling healthy weight, intaking less alcohol, doing physical exercises and breastfeeding their kids. The study showed excellent results among women who drank coffee.

According to the medical data this beverage prevented 38 % of breast cancer in the USA, 42 % in UK, 28 % in Brazil and 20 % in China. The scientists are ready to search more promising effects of coffee in order to invent a cure against breast cancer. It is already known that breast cancer doesn’t react to diverse drugs.  The scientists proved that women who regularly drink hot coffee less likely develop negative estrogen (female sex hormone which is responsible for breast cancer), especially when they used to drink five or more cups of this beverage per day. This study encouraged more doctors around the world to survey effects of coffee for human body.

Experts from Karolinska Institute in Stockholm held a research upon benefits from coffee for women and found out that coffee fans had a lower illness frequency of breast cancer than the women who drank it seldom. During the study doctors analyzed the data collected from about 6 000 women past menopause. In the results of their observation they stated that the volunteers who intook five or more cups per day had decreased level of 57 % risk of breast cancer comparing to those women who enjoyed less than one cup a day.

Analyzing the reports published in the journal Breast Cancer Research the doctors came to conclusion about some new benefits from coffee. The high quantity of coffee intake a day was connected with a statistically important reduction in this kind of cancer which is estrogen-receptor negative among post-menopausal women. Although the correlation was valuable enough to account a number of other agent forces such as age and weight that must be count in.

The research of scientists from both Lund University and Malm University in Sweden showed another interesting fact about effects of coffee. They found out that everything depends upon the type of a certain gene which a certain woman has. According to their data a coffee intake rate of three coffee cups a day is able either diminish the general risk of advancing breast cancer or delay the attack of cancer. Many recent studies proved healthy benefits of coffee. There is no doubt that it contains ingredients that impact different types of breast cancer in  various ways. Scientists confirm further studies are still running.