Symptoms of depression in adolescents

Teens is a period of psychological maturation and pubescence. Many people know that a nervous system is very unstable at this age. But low-spiritedness and irritability is not always a feature of the teenage period. These and other signs can be the cause of depression (what is it?). And this problem mustn’t be ignored.

The causes of teenage depression

In teens there is a process of self-awareness and reappraisal. The world opens in a new way and many things are perceived differently. Of course, it’s normal and there are some positive moments like knowledge of life and understanding of many its sides. But it also can be a heavy psychological stress for a fragile mind of a teenager. On the physical side, the cause of teenage depression are hormonal changes in the body. But other than that, there is a huge number of reasons:

  • Poor school performance. Every child learn the material at school differently, someone faster, someone slower. May be some subjects which are not very interesting or hard to understand. And sometimes because of misunderstanding and neglect of teachers, a child becomes depressive and retires into his shell or shows reluctance to learn at all.
  • Family relationships. Constant quarrels and scandals in the family have a negative impact on a child. When parents often quarrel, a teenager sees a negative model of family. It can not only depress him, but also affect his vision of family life in the future. And it’s very bad when parents constantly scold their child. In teens it upsets him/her very much.
  • Social status. Not all children aspires to be a leader, but everyone wants to have an authority among peers. And if a child feels rejected, he/she can fall into depression.
  • First love. In adolescence first love happens very often. It may be unfortunate or unrequited and, of course, can cause depression. It is because this first strong feeling becomes the center of everything for teenager.

The signs of teenage depression

If a child is depressive within a week or more, parents must seek help from a psychologist. To understand the state of your child, let’s consider the main symptoms:

  • Sadness, tearfulness and sense of hopelessness. If a teener is sad very often and always says “Everything is bad, everything is useless…” it’s a real sign of depression.
  • A child become very incommunicative. After school he/she just goes in his room and doesn’t want to talk. Sometimes teenagers don’t want socialize with anyone at all. They stop hanging out with friends, miss events, don’t talk on the phone.
  • Distraction and forgetfulness. It becomes difficult to focus on anything. A teenager forget even about simple things which he should do. But parents should understand that the problem is not in carelessness and irresponsibility.
  • Chronic fatigue, sleep disturbances. All actions are hard, a child constantly feels tired. Besides the problem of fatigue and sleepiness, a child may suffer from insomnia.
  • Somatic pain. Sometimes teenagers complain of a headache or stomach ache. If it’s not connected to any other things, may be the reason is depression.
  • Changes in appetite. Appetite may disappear or increase. Girls are not indifferent to the carbohydrate-containing food.
  • Rebellious behavior and excessive aggression. When something depress a teen very much, his behavior may become rebellious. It occurs as a defensive reaction to all that is going wrong. Sometimes teenagers are involved in risky situations to escape from their problems.
  • Thoughts of suicide. A child can say something suicide or death, but he can just keep it in his head. You can notice that he/she draws depressive pictures or constantly listens depressive songs.

Diagnosis of teenage depression

Teenage depression is diagnosed on the basis of complaints of the child and also on what parents and teacher say about him/her, about changes in his/her behavior. An experienced psychologist or psychotherapist will talk with your child and may offer him/her to do special tests. On this basis, the doctor will choose the optimal treatment regimen.

Treatment of teenage depression

Remember, that the earlier teenagers seek medical help, the better they will be able to withstand this disorder. The treatment is usually a conversational therapy (psychotherapy) or taking antidepressants, or it can be a combination of these two methods in various proportions. Some children don’t want to be treated, some parents don’t want to accept the fact that their children need medical help. You should understand that teenage depression in neglected cases can bring a child to a suicide. Don’t forget that the treatment of teenage depression at an early stage is a contribution to the development of your child and the fact that his/her life will be full and happy.