Early pregnancy and depression. What to do if you are feeling depressed?

Pregnancy is a happy time in women’s life. However, we also know about frequent mood swings which are normal for early pregnancy. But many women can appear in a more serious emotional state – in depression. Why do pregnant women become depressed? What are the indications of depression? How to solve this problem? 

What is the ground of depression during pregnancy?

Many women feel emotional lift during pregnancy. One of the main reasons of this state is the long-awaited joy of future motherhood, but it is also considered that the pregnancy hormones can prevent the development of depression. But do not forget that any woman can be exposed to stresses and burdens during this period. These emotions make women particularly vulnerable. Let’s consider the main grounds of depression within pregnancy:

  • Difficulties in relationship with the future father. If you do not get along with your husband, you are prone to sadness. A much bigger problem – when a woman is alone. Being pregnant without support and help of a loved man can be very hard not only physically and financially, but above all emotionally.
  • Problems at work. Sometimes you have to go on working when you are pregnant, sometimes you have to stop working. All women carry this period differently. Forced hospitalization, maternity leave… Career will not wait, projects go to other employees. No wonder that depression is right there.
  • Financial problems. You can get used to live on a small salary. But the future child will require certain expenses and you understand that it will not be easy to manage with it. Moreover, we always want the best for our children.
  • Psychophysical problems during early pregnancy. These kinds of problems may influence you very much. For example, toxemia, which is accompanied by morning sickness. Unwanted pregnancy also can affect your emotional state.
  • Complications in the course of antecedent pregnancy. Lustiness problems in the antecedent pregnancy, a misbirth or a complex childbirth can cause negative thoughts about current pregnancy.

What are the indications of early depression?

Indications of depression in the course of pregnancy as a whole are the same as with a common depression. The main indications of depression comprise bad mood, constant negative thoughts, unwillingness to enjoy life.

Severe depression can also cause aggression towards a husband and even reluctance to live.

Unsettling fears about your condition, early pregnancy outcome and the possibility of miscarriage can be the first features of the commencement of depression. In this troubled state a woman is in constant anticipation of bad. She begins to cry on any occasion. Negative thoughts interfere in woman’s mind and disturb her rest and sleep. Problems with appetite, anguish, gloom and feeling of powerlessness are also the indications of depression. It is very grave.

If you are faced with this state, you must do something to cope with it!

How can you get through depression while pregnant?

If you really feel sore about depression and it moved to a severe stage, you must appeal to a doctor. An experienced professional psychologist will help you definitely. But if you only start falling into negative thoughts, feeling a hang-up and ceasing to enjoy life, you should try to follow these simple tips:

  • Relax. Try not to let your negative thoughts overpower you. Relax more, but don’t just lie down and do nothing in a depressed state. Spend more time with your husband, relatives, enjoy having fun with friends. Watch a nice movie or read your favorite book. Why not to cook something? So, just do things you like, things that evoke positive emotions, feelings and thoughts.
  • Go for a sport. Of course you mustn’t do heavy trainings during pregnancy, but some mild exercises can be useful. Swimming, walking, yoga, pilates and group lessons for future mothers are recommended during early pregnancy. All these activities will raise your tone and help to get though depression while pregnant. 
  • Talk about your problems. Don’t be afraid to talk about your problems and what disquiets you. Consult with your mother, talk more with your husband. Close people will always understand you and support.

So, depression in early pregnancy is a problem, but you can cope with it. Look at the beautiful things, think positive, don’t forget to smile. Make pregnancy a happy period of your life. Remember that taking care of yourself is first of all a care of your future baby.