Caffeine and Calories. How much coffee will make you fat?

Spring is coming, and many of us have strong obsession to lose weight. There is a variety of methods:

  • traditional: gym membership, strict diet
  • less  traditional (acupuncture, patches for weight loss, hypnosis, operations, etc.).

At the same time, many coffee drinkers overlook the fact that coffee, as well as any product, has the energy value and “carry weight” in the metabolism.

Let’s see what the relationship between coffee and calories is,  whether it’s healthy to drink coffee on a diet and if it’s possible to grow fat, consuming the drink immoderately.

How many calories  in coffee

Despite the fact that fresh coffee beans contain large amounts of oils and carbohydrates the main enemies of weight loss diets), after coffee roasting they are almost completely removed. The amount of calories in coffee depends on the strength of the drink, and an average cup of coffee contains 2 kilocalories.

Can I drink coffee on a diet?

If you want to lose weight, it is possible and even necessary to drink coffee on a diet. Here are the three main reasons:

  1. Coffee is one of the most dietary drinks, and if you don’t add other ingredients such as cream, sugar, etc., you can avoid consumption of unwanted calories.
  2. The beneficial effect of caffeine on the metabolism: acceleration and optimization of metabolic processes.
  3. Diuretic effect influences digestibility of products. Due to  removal of fluid you will lose weight.

Does coffee help to burn fat?

We’ve already mentioned that coffee improves metabolism in the organism, speeding up burning of calories by3–4%. If you want to lose weight by burning fat with intense cardio exercises, you can drink small amounts of natural ground coffee 30 minutes before the workout. However, we recommend to consult with the doctor about drinking coffee on a diet: it is likely to cause negative effects to the heart such as high blood pressure and arrhythmia.

Can I get fat being an ardent coffee drinker?

In this respect there is no single answer. If you drink only natural ground coffee, the beverage calorie is  minimal (see above). This applies to such drinks as americano, ristretto and espresso. Turkish coffee is the most high-calorie drink, about 12 calories per one small cup.

If you prefer other ways to enjoy coffee and add a variety of ingredients, be prepared to give up your favourite drinks. Why? If you remit the coffee with cream (one of the main components of mocha, cappuccino and latte), sweeten it (adding liquor, sugar or caramel) – just keep in mind that all of these components contain a lot of calories.

For example, adding cream increases calories in coffee 25 times or more, which corresponds to at least 100 kcal per cup of latte or cappuccino. Adding milk to a strong black coffee will cost you 40 calories per cup of beverage. Traditional latte contains from 150 to 300 calories, depending on the amount of milk fat and sugar.

Brewing coffee by yourself you are free to control caloric value in the “manual mode”. On the other hand, coffee ordered in a cafe is bad for those who have decided to lose weight at all costs.

A few tips for those who drink coffee on a diet

  1. If possible, give up drinking coffee in the morning and evening: it can cause insomnia. Follow our advice and find the best time for coffee intake.
  2. If you feel that coffee causes acute hunger (which is quite common on diet), give up coffee or switch to decaf drinks with less caffeine.
  3. Coffee intake immediately after a meal isn’t the best idea. Let your stomach digest the food properly.
  4. To improve metabolism it’s recommended to drink coffee on an empty stomach (but not before training!)
  5. Consumption of more than 3 cups of coffee can cause the opposite effect to diuretic one.
  6. Beware of all sorts of coffee diets which are one of the most stringent methods of losing weight. We advise to apply to a competent dietitian, and in case of health deterioration it’s better not to give up such practices.
  7. Don’t go to extremes in order to lose weight avoid everything marked as “high-calorie”. Meals should be balanced and satisfy your stomach.