Benefits of coffee for depressed person: treating depression without medication

Many of us got used to drink a cup of coffee in the morning. Lots of people prove that smelling coffee’s soothing aroma is exciting. Many human beings say that the first benefits of coffee is that it is the thing that picks lots of us to get going in the mornings. It warms us in cold winter weather. In many cases effect of coffee is compared with an injection of energy and enthusiasm which helps us throughout the whole day.

But it is already proved that benefits of coffee do not end on this small amount of advantages. Along with providing us extra energy it enhances our mood. This effect lasts longer than we realize. Researches proved that people who drink two or three cups of coffee lower the risk of depression by 15 percent. So it is a great way for treating depression without medication! 

Could black coffee help prevent depression?

Scientists from Harvard University draw comparisons between the intake of coffee and risk of depression for 51 000 women during 10 years. The research results were published in the Journal of American Medicine Association. It was stated that caffeine works like the antidepressant by quitting the production of serotonin and some other hormones. It was proved by the medical way that coffee can better mood and provide energy for a long period of time. In order to be more objective, the researchers had been studying also the benefits of intake of chocolate, tea and alcohol every day also as sports activity. They came to the conclusion that only coffee benefits a stronger impact to relieve depression. Unfortunately the scientists found out that decaffeinated coffee doesn’t work this way at all. Only caffeine containing coffee is able to fight depression. Dr. Michael Lucas from the Harvard University School of Public Health stated that the results showed the protective and antidepressant effects of caffeine to lessen the risk of this illness. And he expressed the thought that these results would help to invent a treatment against this global threatening sickness in the near future.

The researchers from Harvard University are sure that benefits from coffee as a psychostimulant include enhancing the sensation of pleasure and energy. They expressed the hope that modified coffee may be used as an antidepressant in the next ten years.

The recent studies held in Finland represented the results that people who consumed more than four cups of coffee a day were more likely to avoid depression. It was also noticed that women are rather to be depressed than men. One in seven women experience this ugly feeling at some point in their life. In this case coffee helps to avoid depression if a person takes about three or four cups of this beverage per day. Benefits from coffee are much more numerous than simply being an antidepressant, it helps to prevent the prostate cancer, gout, Alzheimer and enhance brain power.

Lots of conflicting beliefs about health benefits of coffee exist in the world. But the rule of the golden middle is better to be used in this instance the same as in taking any other natural food or beverage. Regular but moderate coffee consumption was linked to many health benefits. Studies have shown that ground coffee and coffee beans contain a lot of natural antioxidants which are in great aid in removing the toxins from our bodies and in preventing many diseases. That is a great plus.

There is a vast number of benefits from coffee and they are still being studied by the scientists who consider the excellent treatment of depression will soon appear in our life.