Benefits of coffee for depressed person: treating depression without medication

It is already proved that benefits of coffee do not end on this small amount of advantages. Along with providing us extra energy it enhances our mood. This effect lasts longer than we realize. Researches proved that people who drink two or three cups of coffee lower the risk of depression by 15 percent.

Coffee and weight loss: benefits of black coffee

One of the charming coffee benefits consists of fat burning, or weight loss. The latest findings evidence that black coffee increases metabolic rate. That means that you deflagrate more calories so your body is shifted and extra fat is burnt, leaving glucose for energy. Another benefit from coffee to lose weight is in ability to modulate blood sugar improving insulin sensitivity.

Early pregnancy and depression. What to do if you are feeling depressed?

Many women can appear in a more serious emotional state – in depression. Why do pregnant women become depressed? What are the indications of depression? How to solve this problem? 

Symptoms of major depressive disorder: time to recover after first signs

Symptoms and causes of major depressive disorder in people depend on age and gender. Major depression symptoms are different, they may occur in an individual with no family history of the illness or across the generations in some families. Symptoms of major depression can be both physical and emotional ones

Most interesting depression myths and facts

Various false opinions generate many myths about depression. Nowadays we often hear: “I’m depressed” or "Depression is not a disease"...

How does manic depression look like and what causes it?

Manic depression or bipolar affective disorder (BAR) is a severe mental illness characterized by periodic change in the affective states (phases) ranging from depression

Learn the causes related to the emergence of clinical depression

Feel like discovering the causes of clinical depression? Presumably you have just had depression, accordingly, you ask the question...

Dealing with anxiety

And yet there is another illness that can mimic all the symptoms of Alzheimer’s disease. It is atypical depression — and as you know by now, major depression is easily treatable.

Types of anxiety disorders

Anxiety is an individual psychological feature. It is a feeling of nervousness, worry, fear and bad anticipation. There are some types of anxiety disorders, which have their own characteristics. Knowledge of these types can help better understand this problem.

Anxiety disorder: definition and symptoms

Everyone has felt anxiety in his life. This unpleasant condition occurs when we are worried, afraid of something or anticipate something bad. In general, feeling of anxiety disorder is natural for human and even can help in different situations. But if this state becomes chronic, it begins to interfere.


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