Depression in children: causes, symptoms and treatment

Can kids actually suffer from depression? And if so, why does it happen? How to tell if a child gets depressed?

Depression – psychopathological syndrome characterized by subdued mood, reduction in mental and physical activities. Symptoms of depression are similar to these of acute grief reaction to the sudden individual loss that is followed by emotional trauma, numbness. Severe depression is comparatively rare in children, but it often occurs in adolescence. Depression can be a serious problem in school age children. Continue reading

Aspects of Bipolar Manic-Depressive, Schizo-Affective, and Schizophrenic Psychoses

Interest in the course of endogenous psychoses is traditional and has created numerous publications. For different reasons further research in this area is still highly desirable. Modern treatment, like lithium prophylaxis or long-term med­ication with neuroleptic drugs, can change the course of endogenous psychoses profoundly, thus raising the interest in the natural history of these disorders.

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Various Types of Suicide

The suicide rate of psychiatric inpatients exceeds that of the general population. Moreover, a considerable increase in clinical suicides has been registered over the last few years, predominantly in Scandinavia and Central Europe.

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The Undertreatment of Depression

Effective physical and psychological treatments of clini­cal depression have been developed, and in the case of physical treatments are widely available at relatively little cost in the developed countries. An important task for epidemiology is to ascertain whether treatments shown to be effective in controlled clinical trials are being developed fully and effectively (Alderson 1983).

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Benefits of Coffee for youngsters

People drink coffee every single day for different reasons. One takes it because of physical effects of coffee; another prefers this beverage owing to social benefits of coffee. During last decades this nectar became a drink almost for all ages. Let’s do a double take for it. Is it good for our teenagers?

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Proved: coffee can protect from breast cancer

People knew about breast cancer since ancient times. The oldest description of this illness was found in Egypt and was dated about 1600 BC. Till the 18th century there was no treatment for this horrible disease. Women died in agony. Modern medicine has got many ways for treating it. Also scientists are constantly searching for the best prevention from it. And they have got some encouraging results. Surprisingly they found out something new in already known benefits of coffee and its help in fighting this illness.

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What do you know about Schizophrenia?

Since Emil Kraepelin grouped dementia hebephrenica and paranoides under the disease concept of dementia praecox in 1896, and in 1911 Eugen Bleuler gave it a prognostically more neutral name, schizophrenia has been investigated in psychiatric epidemiology with greater persistence than has any other psychiatric disorder. However, epidemiology has contributed little to the search for the causes of schizophrenia, “a condition of obscure origin and no established aetiology” as Jablensky (1987a) recently called it. Nevertheless, the prospects for validating causal models in schizophrenia research seem to have improved.

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