Depression: myths and facts

Nowadays we often hear a word “depression”. Not all people understand that it is a psychical disorder, which can be very serious. There is a widespread view that depression is just a buzzword. Many people consider it as mood swings or something insignificant. Various false opinions generate many myths. Continue reading

Dealing with anxiety

Anxiety is a state of nervosity, worry, fear and gloomy expectations. It is normally when these feeling is a kind of warning of the danger. However, sometimes the anxiety causes fear with no apparent reasons. This condition is unpleasant and even destructive. So, it is essential to deal with it. Continue reading

Types of anxiety disorders

Anxiety is an individual psychological feature. It is a feeling of nervousness, worry, fear and bad anticipation. There are some types of anxiety disorders, which have their own characteristics. Knowledge of these types can help better understand this problem. Continue reading

Anxiety disorder: definition and symptoms

Everyone has felt anxiety in his life. This unpleasant condition occurs when we are worried, afraid of something or anticipate something bad. In general, feeling of anxiety disorder is natural for human and even can help in different situations. But if this state becomes chronic, it begins to interfere. Continue reading